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    The First Ceramic No Leak Stainless & Glass Cartridge for Oil

    Are you struggling with leaky cartridges that taste like a burnt plastic wick?

    Stop wasting time and money on inferior cartridges.

    Convectium is here to help. Our NEW no-leak glass and ceramic cartridges have been tested in numerous situations and has come out on top as the best no-leak cartridges on the market for both thick and thin oils. 

    Convectium will customize the cartridge to properly represent your brand and get to you in less than 2 weeks. 

    If you are interested please call 800-605-3580 for more info. 

    Oil Cartridge Filling Machine 710shark - Fill 100 Cartridges in less than a minute

    Filling oil cartridges by hand is a slow laborious task. It's time-consuming, messy and makes your hands ache! 

    EquipCanna has come up with the solution to take you oil processing to the next level! the 710Shark! 

    The 710Shark filling machine can fill 100 cartridges in under a minute, but in this video, we'll show you how to fill 100 cartridges in as little as 20 seconds! 


     click here to learn more about the Oil Filling Machine or call us at 800-605-3580

    Everything You Need To Know About The 710Seal Cartridge Blister Pack Sealing Machine

    Are you ready to have your products featured in dispensaries?

    Packaging your cartridges and pens properly legitimizes your product and gives you credibility as a professional service. The 710Seal Blister Pack Sealing Machine, part of the new  "Fill Seal Sell" system brought to you by Gray Label, is extremely simple to operate, using heat and pressure to package your cartridges or pens into our secure, child-resistant and proprietary packaging.

    The sealing process for our introductory model of the Seal can complete 2 packages in an astonishingly efficient 5 seconds, leaving the potential of 6,000 packages to be sealed daily. The larger models can fill both 4 and 8 packages in the same 5 seconds, with a potential of 10,000 packages!


    710Seal Machine (Left)  Example of packaging template (Right)

    The packaging we offer can be customized to feature your company's logo and tailored to include any information you would like to provide your customers such as:

    • THC content of your product
    • Information about the company
    • How to reach your company via webpage, social media, or phone.


    Example of packaging design (Silver Stick)


     If you would like to order now or learn more about how this incredible system can improve efficiency and professionalism in your company, you can visit our webpage here. Or contact us at 1-800-280-4795 and a sales representative will be in contact to answer any other questions you may have!


    3 Ways The 710Shark Can Create Efficiency In Your Company

    This blog article goes out to all of the extractors that have felt the dismay of a manual cartridge filling process. It can be extremely messy, wasteful, and tiresome. The following list will guide you through the 3 primary benefits of using a filling machine to fill your waxes or liquids into cartridges to be sold to the masses.



    1. Time and Labor Efficiency

    The time efficiency a filling machine can bring to your company is the primary factor to consider. Every extractor dreads this process, which is estimated to take up to 1 hour to fill 100 cartridges. Let the 710Shark eliminate this stress, filling the same number of 100 cartridges in 30 seconds! 

    2. Filling Efficiency and Accuracy

    With a product that holds such a high value such as hash oil, accuracy in measuring your fill amounts is crucial. Filling machines, such as the 710Shark, can be adjusted to fill desired measurements, ensuring an accurate fill.

    3. Temperature and Cartridge Variety

    If you are a company that creates multiple viscosity of oils, you probably have come across some filling issues on some level. Either the cartridges won't contain the liquid properly, or your oil is too thick to be filled into a cardtridge. The 710Shark Filling Machine was designed to be able to conquer all oils- thick or thin. The dual-temperature feature can help melt down your oil to the proper filling viscosity.

    Introducing the 710 Shark Filling Machine

    Fill 100 Cartridges Per Minute

    The 710Shark is the only machine on the market which fills cartridges or disposables en mass for wholesale distribution. This one-of-a-kind cartridge/vaporizer filling machine can fill both disposables and/or reusable cartridges made of plastic, glass, ceramic, or stainless steel with no exchange of parts or equipment necessary.

    Simple to Use

    Machine arrives ready-to-use, pre-assembled and pre-tested from our factory.

    • Plug in the air compressor and the 710 Shark into a standard 115V outlet.
    • Attach air hose (included) from machine to air compressor (universal attachment).
    • Turn on air compressor and 710 Shark which will begin heating to preset 60C.
    • Place cartridge tray on oil basin & insert cartridge tray.
    • Press Manual/Auto Mode buttons to begin auto-fill.
    • Adjust timings, fill time and load height in manual mode as desired.