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    Finally there is a platform to fill cartridges. Gray Label has created the 710Shark Oil Filling Machine for your cartridge and disposable infrastructure/filling needs. 

    The Shark710 Oil Filling Machine will take your product and fill empty cartridges. Currently you probably fill each cartridge by hand with a syringe. The Shark710 system will fill 100 cartridges in under 60 and together with the 710Seal you can place your product in branded blister packaging and heat seal right at your facility ready to be delivered to the dispensary.

    The whole system will save you time and increase your profits allowing you to focus on what matters. growing your business. This system is available now!



    Do you want to brand your own line of vaporizers, equipment and accessories? Gray Label can help you with your own line of products customized with your logo and. Leveraging in-store, online, event, print and video assets, Gray Label is able to bring your company to the forefront.

    As a cultivator You know how to make great product. Shouldn’t it be displayed in the best possible way? 




    Getting you brand out to to the world takes a lot of work. you're already to busy tending to your crops to be creating blog posts, updating your social media, crafting email blasts and sharing content.

    Let us do the heavy lifting for you and take care of all your social media and web based needs. 

    We are experts in branding, product development, web development and social media. Pick an option below and lets get started today or click here to learn more.


    Gray Label social media services